Healthcare Curtains

Hospital Curtain Track System

Generally, hospitals are busy places where patients are forced to accept a lack of privacy in order to receive the medical care they require. Fortunately, privacy can be increased by installing a hospital curtain track system that’s capable of partitioning or obscuring beds from the view of other patients and medical staff nearby.

At Blindtec Window Coverings, we offer high-quality hospital cubicle curtains that are suitable for hospitals, physiotherapy clinics and medical centres. Depending on your needs, these heavy duty models are available in a variety of shapes for you to choose from. Some of these include 90 degree bends, straight lengths, and U shaped sections.

A Proven Reputation

If you require a hospital curtain track system, Blindtec Window Coverings have you covered. We’ve developed a reputation for providing the best blinds, shutters and curtain tracks for our clients. Whether you need to obscure a patient for their own safety or want to make them feel more comfortable, you can rely on our hospital cubicle curtains to provide the best solution.

Our hospital curtain track system comes complete with a variety of accessories, including track runners and rail end supports as well as ceiling supports and more. They can also be custom designed to accommodate more unusual or complex applications.

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Blindtec Window Coverings is a leading destination for hospital cubicle curtains. To learn more or request a quote, give us a call on 0487 254 637 or send us a message via our simple online contact form.

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